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Notes for New Students

  • Before using Bear Print, create your Pharos account by selecting a Pharos Direct print queue and authenticating with your UNC PDID (last1234). You do not need to accept the cost or actually print anything out yet. Simply click “No” when prompted to accept the cost of the print job.
  • When associating your UNC card to your Pharos account, use only your PDID (last1234) as your username. Do NOT include “”.

Printing Remotely

For instructions on printing jobs from a personal computer or mobile device, please click here:  Using MobilePrint

Scanning to Email

For instructions on using the scanning features on a Ricoh Multifunction Device, please use the following link:  Using Scan to Email 

General Printing Guidelines

  • Print only the pages you need in a document
  • Print only what you need - don't print drafts for every revision
  • If you must print PowerPoint slides, print them 6 to a page, black & white, with no background
  • Use the "Print Preview" from the File menu to check your document before printing
  • Edit and proof papers online
  • Always check with the computer lab consultant before resending a print job. The printer may have other documents in front of your print job, or the printer may be out of paper. Your print allotment can be quickly depleted if you send multiple copies.
  • Avoid printing email messages & web pages
  • Send documents electronically instead of printing out hard copies
  • Use the spell check feature to find spelling & grammatical errors before printing
  • Print only one copy of a document
  • Turn off graphics in web browsers in order to minimize the number of pages in web output
  • Use duplex printing to reduce costs and wasted paper
  • When printing class assignments or papers, print more than one page per sheet via Zoom option
  • Check margins, printer, and page settings prior to printing
  • Always protect your password to keep others from using your account and never give your password to anyone else

Using Pharos Direct Print

  1. Go to a computer workstation that is connected to a Pharos Direct printer (e.g. any computer lab).
  2. Open your document, click "Print" in the selected program, and choose the local Pharos Direct printer, then click the "Print" or "OK" button (whichever is used in that program).

  3. Enter your PDID (last1234 or first.last) and your password when prompted, then click the "Print" button.

  4. You will be prompted to confirm that you accept the charges for the print job.

    • NOTE:  If you do not accept the charges within 30 seconds, you will receive a message that the print job has failed. If you still want to print, you must repeat the process above.

  5. After you have accepted the charges, you will be notified of which printer your job has been sent to. Simply walk to the printer and pick up your print job.

Duplex Printing

The most efficient use of your printing credits and paper is to utilize black & white duplex (double-sided) printing. You save 25% on the cost of printing and avoid using twice as much paper as necessary. For example:  If you need to print a 10-page document, you would pay $0.80 for ten single-sided B&W pages, but with duplex printing you would only pay $0.60 for five double-sided pages instead. Duplex printing is strongly recommended whenever possible.

Using duplex printing in Microsoft Word 2016:

  1. Click the File menu, then click Print.
  2. Choose the appropriate printer from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click the option under Settings that says "Print One Sided" and choose the appropriate "Print on Both Sides" option.
    NOTE:  The printer settings may already be set to print on both sides by default.

  4. If you want to further reduce your printing costs, you can print multiple pages per sheet as well.

  5. Confirm that all other options under Settings are correct, then click the Print button at the top to continue with the Pharos printing process.

Checking Your Balance / Adding Funds

  1. Go to and log in.

  2. Click the Financial tab, then click the "Add Money To Your Printing Account" link under the Billing section.

  3. Choose which account you want to view.

  4. Your current balance will be displayed by default.

  5. To add money to your account, click "Add Funds", choose an amount and payment type, then click the Purchase button.

  6. You can also use the links on the left or top of the page to view pricing, switch between student/employee accounts, and get help.

Printing Costs

All students, faculty and staff will receive a free print credit of $8.00 or 100 single sided black and white prints per academic year. Users will not be permitted to carry forward the free print credit from year to year. Any unused free print credits will be cleared from all accounts at the conclusion of the summer session. An $8.00 credit will be reapplied to all Pharos print accounts in August prior to the start of the Fall semester. Pharos print account credits that have been purchased by the user will carry over from year to year. Once you have diminished your free print credit value must be added to your Pharos print account on a prepaid basis in order to print further pages. All print credit sales are final. You will not receive a refund of any unused credits regardless if you drop out of classes, or graduate. 

Printer Locations & Features

LocationB&WColorCopyScanBear Print Release
Candelaria 0345X

Candelaria 1170XX

Candelaria 2110XX

Frasier 83X

Gunter 1700X

Kepner 1050AX

Kepner 30XX

Kepner 65XX

Library 2nd FloorXX

Library 1st FloorXXXXX
Centerra 127X

Lowry LabsX

McKee 101XX

McKee 537X

Michener CHE LabX

Ross 0224X

Ross 1240X

Ross 2261XX

Ross 2263X

Skinner Music LibraryX

Cancelling Print Jobs

Pharos Direct:  Once you have accepted the charges and sent the print job to the printer, your account will be charged. It is important to make sure you send your print job to the intended printer. If you mistakenly send a black and white print job to a color printer, you will still be charged for a color print page.

Bear Print:  You can log into your account, either in a browser or on a release station, and choose to delete the print job without your account being charged.

Reporting a Billing Discrepancy

If you send a job to a printer and nothing comes out, please contact the Technical Support Center at 970-351-4357 or to report the issue.

If your print job cannot be completed and your account has already been charged, please submit a Pharos Printing Dispute as shown below.

  1. Go to and click the "Submit a Ticket" button.

  2. Click the drop-down next to "Website Request Type" and select "Pharos Printing Dispute".

  3. Fill out the form completely, including all of the required details noted on-screen.

  4. Click the "Finish" button at the bottom of the page.