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Printing Guidelines and Suggestions

  • Before using Bear Print, create your account by selecting a direct print queue and authenticating with your PDID (last1234 or first.last). You do not need to accept the cost or actually print anything out yet. Simply click “No” when prompted to accept the cost of the print job.
  • When registering your UNC ID card to your Bear Print account, use only your PDID as your username. Do NOT include “”.
  • Print only the pages you need in a document
  • Print only what you need - don't print drafts for every revision
  • If you must print PowerPoint slides, print them 6 to a page, black & white, with no background
  • Use the "Print Preview" from the File menu to check your document before printing
  • Edit and proof papers online
  • Before re-sending a print job, make sure that you check that there is paper available and that other print jobs are not currently processing.
  • Avoid printing email messages & web pages
  • Send documents electronically instead of printing out hard copies
  • Use the spell check feature to find spelling & grammatical errors before printing
  • Print only one copy of a document
  • Turn off graphics in web browsers in order to minimize the number of pages in web output
  • Use duplex printing to reduce costs and wasted paper
  • When printing class assignments or papers, print more than one page per sheet via Zoom option
  • Check margins, printer, and page settings prior to printing
  • Once you have accepted the charges and sent the print job to the printer, your account will be charged. It is important to make sure you send the job to the intended printer. If you mistakenly send a black and white print job to a color printer, you will still be charged for a color print page.