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Students on-campus are required to register their devices to use the UNC-STUDENT network by following the steps below. If you are registering multiple devices, you must submit a separate request for each device.

Registering a gaming, streaming, or other smart device

  1. Go to and click "Submit a Ticket”.

  2. Select “Gaming/TV Registration” for the Website Request Type and fill out the required fields as shown.

  3. Fill in the required information including phone number, location, device type, and MAC address.
Devices that must be registeredDevices that cannot be registered

Nintendo consoles (Switch, Wii U, Wii, 3DS/2DS)

Personal routers
Playstation consoles (PS4, PS3, PSP)Cell signal boosters
Xbox consoles (Xbox One, Xbox 360)Wireless printers

Apple TV


Roku, Roku TV

Amazon Echo

Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick

Wireless speakers (except Bluetooth-only)

Smart TVs (with built-in streaming apps)

Finding the MAC address for your specific device

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an Ethernet port and telephone jack?

An Ethernet plug is too big to fit in a telephone jack. An Ethernet cable also has 8 connection wires in the end of the cable compared to the 4 wires in a phone cable (see below). Additionally, the telephone jack has only one "port" where the internet jack should have at least 2 ports.

Which Ethernet port should I use? Blue or yellow?

Blue ports are used for digital connectivity, including IP phones, computers, gaming devices, etc.

Yellow ports are configured for analog phone functionality, voicemail machines, faxes, modems, etc.

If I registered my device last year, do I have to register it again?

Yes. Registered devices are purged on a yearly basis before the beginning of Fall semester, so all students must register their current devices.

How much does it cost to use my devices on UNC's networks?

There are no additional charges for registering and using your devices on-campus.

Should I use a wired connection or Wi-Fi?

A wired connection is always more reliable than a wireless connection. Especially when taking exams or completing work online, a wired connection is strongly recommended.